F&X Distributors offers a personalized one on one service. Founded on the morals of modesty, courtesy, and service F&X Distributors provides in person orders where any sales agent adjusts the service to best suite the customer in English or Spanish. We believe every customer is different so to best suite the needs of our customers we create a very flexible form of care for each and every customer we are proud to call ours.


Equipped with full refrigerated trucks F&X Distributors delivers it’s products at times that best suites the needs of our customers. Delivering to supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and many more we understand how busy our customers may be so we try to give out customer the best service while not taking away from their busy lives. We deliver to Central Florida area, Kissimmee, Orlando, Sarasota, Lakeland, Clearwater, Tampa, Daytona, Etc.